Does anyone have an idea of what is being offered right now in Springfield Township, Fayette County?? We have a lease about to expire and are looking to re-sign. Wondering what the going rate is right now... Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Private message me your contact info.  I can help.  I am in the industry and am willing to talk to you.  

doug at



I live up the road from you. What ever you do don't give it away!  I found out that this area is a Target area for the Marcellus as well as the Utica.  My neighbor up the road told me that he knows someone up in Donegal that got $4000 an acre for part of his land and more for another parcel(he's supposed to give us their#).  The pipeline going thru is only one factor in the desirability of this area.  Be patient and do your research. Nat gas prices are low right now, so they are going after the wet gas - this is a dry gas area also, it is very expensive to move rigs - they usually try to do wells in groups. Marathon has 2 permits for drill deeper at the MAWC prop pending along with a new drill permit also.  I know Marathon has been waiting for their seismic testing in this area to get a better idea of what is here.  Some of my neighbors gave it away for $1000/acre and I don't believe they had an attorney involved or researched pugh clauses and other amendments to the contract to protect their property - so please do research or get an attorney before signing anything.  These contracts, once in force can last a lifetime.  We are all for drilling - just make sure you protect your property - because you live there - they don't.

I decided to be patient & 'hurry up & wait' :-) it's just a matter of time. We signed up with scott porterfield @ s&t bank's mineral management & I would highly recommend him for his knowledge & expertise. So, now just waiting until they get down to us. Hoping we live long enough to benefit from the utica as well!

From what I've seen- we are in the "sweet spot"  for the Utica.  It's deep here but also Very thick!

If you google Amaco-Svetz Somerset you will find a Pa DCNR site with a boring that goes 5 miles in depth.  I do not know where in Somerset this is but the depth to Marcellus seems close to Springfield/Saltlick.  There is interesting information in the boring.  The Utica is thickest in our area but it is not very good for petroleum potential.  However, at the bottom of the Utica(3 miles deep) is the point pleasant shale which has good potential.  At 4 miles depth is the Nittany Shale which has exceptional potential for gas and oil.  I do not know if 4 miles depth is reachable today.

Thanks for the info. Correct me it I am wrong - but petroleum is different than natural gas.  The Amaco-Svetz well (looks like it was located by Kingwood) set the drilling record of 21,460 ft back in 1974 and I think they were looking more at petroleum potential not at the natural gas potential at that time. From my understanding natural gas occurs in large quantities unassociated with oil.  Supposedly very little oil is found at 12,000 ft and almost none at 15,000 ft and then I guess it returns deeper.  The deepest  gas well is Transocean at 35,050 in 4,130 feet of water and Wyoming's deepest producing natural gas well is 24,877 ft.  So I would think it would be accessible.  Right now, my understanding is the Pa storage fields are almost at capacity.  My son had been talking to some gas guys from Texas earlier in the year and they had said that storage capacity was up also and once the levels dropped we should start to see increased activity return here.  Hopefully sooner than later!

If you look at the boring, they were asssessing both gas and oil.

I see there hasn't been much activity in here for a while. I hope someone comes in to check on things. I'm looking for some guidance as to what the Land Man is offering in Springfield township. I very recently recieved a Lease contract, but have no clue and have trying to jam in what knowledge I might.

Haven't really heard anything lately.  One guy I know down in Dunbar twp says he knows a couple people up on the mountain that have signed this year but I didn't get a $ figure. I can't remember what company - I know it was not Marathon(even though I have seen some activity on their existing leases).  I'm thinking it was maybe Chevron. My son had talked to some gas guys taking a tour at Fallingwater and they said be patient - things should be heating up up here on the mountain in about 5 years.  According to them and also some maps I've seen this is supposed to be a very lucrative area.  I wish it were sooner :(

Does anyone know the status of the proposed pipeline from Donegal to Mill Run?  I see that Marathon has obtained new well permits in November and I do not know why they would do that unless the pipeline is coming.

I watched them put the pipeline in from Donegal across Imel and ICV rd and Indian Creek and over Kooser Rd over the summer.  Not sure when the tap in to the mainline is/was will be.  I think it is anticipated over next 1-2 years.  I believe the Marathon permits are for the MAWC prop which they have previousy drilled on and temp capped.  May be for new wells or for horizontal legs.  


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