Don't know if this is the place to ask but here goes.

My great grandfather had a 188 acres 1826 rods in Greene County Pa.EQT contacted us and said that because my father passed away his kids US are going to share his royalties.My question is as my aunt's & uncles pass away does there share get redistributed or can they divide there per cent interest between there children.

   As I understood this if your not on the affidavits as EQT decided another words does our share go up if we lose one of the aunt's or uncles pass away. If they can't does our percent Interest go up. Is there a limit on how many generations can try and add them Zelda.

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I had a Great Grandfather that shared minerals on 65 acres. Every living relative of which there were 32 owned the property. I figure its the same everywhere.

I hope you do well.

Survivor Benefits is what you meant I'm assuming. If you meant savoir benefits, there are people from Africa trying to get donations using Christian Churches as their motive, but I bet they aren't really affiliated with a church, and maybe they are in Nigeria instead of Africa.

Unless they have stated otherwise in their will, your aunts and uncles portions will be divided between their children.

It would of worked great if they would of divided it between everyone. My fathers brother and 4 sisters got a whole share which was generous. Since my Dad's passed away us four split his share.leaving all the rest of the family left out. Since the suspense has been divided we've been lucky not to be left out like everyone else.


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