I am looking for any current information on activity in Greene Co. around Springhill Twp. Have any new wells been drilled? Any plans, activity or new interest that anyone is aware of?????

Have any companies displayed recent interest to anyone on this site?

Any comments are appreciated.


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My wife has shared mineral rights from her family and she has been contacted by a couple of groups asking her about leasing or selling her rights. I believe the last company asking this was Badger Consulting and there was also JJK Minerals.


MHI, I am wondering the same thing.  I have been waiting for several years for Greene County to get a move on.

Believe Greene County Pa Scott's Run well just sent in Division Order just received Suspense payment. Very happy our further brighten EQT very easy co. To work with.

How much was the first check per acre ?
I live in Virginia but was born and raised in Washington and california pa. My parents are buried in Greensburg and my grandparents in Clarksville. We inherited mineral rights in Greene county center township. We signed 2 leases with Rice. 2 landowners on 2 parcels got the signing bonus and we have received nothing. Rice told us the Holbrooke storage field litigation was holding up drilling. Anyone back there know what is going on?

does the lease explicitly state a time period to pay bonus?  or other language that allows the payment to be made?

Yes it said 90 days then a second group of lawyers decided the landowners get the signing bonus and we don't. Kind of unheard of from what people back in Greene county tell me. They say its the mineral owners that get the signing bonus and that would be us.. Just an attempt to make sure other companies don't get the leases.

Debra, my name is Martha Murray and I have minerals in Greene County, passed on to me from my father.  Do not own the surface, however.  Would like to chat with you if you're interested and have time.  Thanks.

Debra, it's Martha in Oklahoma....just ckg in with you.  Anything transpiring?

I have interests in Springhill Twp....Know nothing about what is going on since I live in Oklahoma.  Would like to correspond with you regarding minerals in Greene County.


Mail sent to you on Sept 20, 2015


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