Does anyone know where this well will be drilled, an api number, pad name, anything?


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Doesn't seem to be many people from Greene on here anymore.
I have heard it will be on Hopewell ridge but cannot confirm that.
Hopefully someone will reply with a better source of info

We are doing alot of work in Greene County so I was curious. Too bad there is not many people on here.

Greene Co. PA here but I live in Ohio Donna Sellars and I are in the same unit.  


I know but you see it 144 views since you started the subject.

don't know anything about it fellas . 

i would say you are right hope-well is loaded up with pads and main pipelines spectra energy  run right threw their   3- 25" lines and 1 - 30"lines    for them to tap on too ?

I guess I am not the only one that is curious. 

I am a mineral owner who signed two years ago with an energy company in Greene county. I live in Virginia, but my parents and all my relatives are buried in Pennsylvania. Relative of the Hampson family. I have spoken to  people at the  Marcellus center at Penn stae, and know that the Utica exists, even though the people who wanted to buy our Utica minerals denied that they even existed. I have found that talking on these discussions have given me more information and insight than any landsman or lawyer. Thanks.

 hope-well   is where its at ,  pad will be 21 hole pad    with 1 utica  well  with the rest will be Marcella wells  i would say they are fishing ?

If I may ask where is the hope-well at?

Rember CNX is suppose to drill a Utica well near Nineveh pa fourth quarter this year

didn't here about that one ! this well pad wont be done till next fall and its eqt s  pad   i know fella who owns it thanks joe


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