Hi all just wanted to know if anyone has an idea what company's hold leased land in the area? I am just down the hill from Michael McNicolas well in springhill township on Knob Run road.

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Rice bought the Michael McNicolas well in  Aug . I am in that unit. I was told it was shut in till Rice gets its stuff all together. Rice told me they do all their own title searchs etc. etc. Are you in this unit? Rumer has it Rice will be putting another leg on this well?

Hi Donna I must not be I hear EQT is hot in the area.

M McNicolas was drilled by CHK that's who my lease was with. Do you have a lease with anyone?

not yet

Sure wish someone would contact me.  Our family (from Oklahoma) has mineral rights in Greene County, and we have been waiting on a call for the last several years.  Lots of activity going on, so maybe someday we'll get our pie in the sky.

where exactly is your mineral rights in Greene county? what township?

where are you and what township maybe they have drilled it could happen if you don't live here and keep eye on things  cnx is the worst for this stealing gas seen it  first hand from a friend. he was never told anything he was looking in records in county office building for something found copy of permit from state took it to lawyer and cnx said ahhh we stopped at you property line that permit is wrong !  they own all the property all away around him so what do you think ? they lie !

springhilltownship pa.

sorry donna this was for  Martha Ann Murray

Not sure, just know it's in springhill twnshp

Debra, my email is marj447@aol.com

Hang in there we got ours from Greene Country. Hard part is the family members. Greene Country Pa Scott's Run been very good to our family.


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