Has anyone noticed how busy it is in Greene County. Aleppo and Richill township specifically?? A lot of truck traffic and pipeline activity. Also, several new wells being drilled this spring and summer. This activity would be with Rice, possibly EQT by end of year. It's been quite a while since anything has been posted for Greene.

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Glad you brought this up!  I have been wondering what is going on down in Greene County but no one ever seems to post anymore.

Would love to know more.

lots of permits for Springhill TWP. As I hear  Greene Co. Franklin Denny and GRE8H WELL pads What direction is the Franklin Denny wells going ?? and how many acres are in it any one Looks like its coming back 

the state should get a good hunk of revenue from this pad or will it go in to some ones pocket ?? any one care to comment on this  

I do not know anything about the game land pad. 32 sounds like a LOT would these all be Marcellus? Or could some of them be Utica?

I've been wondering what's going on. I took some of my bonus money and bought  a little place in Down East Maine, so I'm not there to keep an eye on stuff.

I have 27 acres in Center township, downtown Oak Forest, currently in the permit area of the Huffman Unit, although it doesn't look like the unit has been declared yet. Nothing about it in the recorder's office yet and I haven't gotten any notice. 

Anyone know what EQT is up to? They sure seem busy.


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