Our family signed a lease that will either expire or renew in the next few months.  Have others in Greene county seen their leases renew by Rice, EQT or others recently?  Thanks!    

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Rice re-newed a Marcellus lease with me about 6 months ago and 3 yrs ago they gave me a lease on the same prop. for the utica this was delay rental I think somethings will happen when the cracker plants are on line and when the electric co. go to gas fired plants.. time will tell Green co is busy with permits ( SPRINGHILL twp. )  

Thanks for you response!  When Rice renewed your lease, did they contact you before the renewal date?  Thanks! - Dan

Dan I think it was about the time of the lease to expire not sure of exact date but very close 

Thank you

What part of Greene County are you in, Dan?  We have a 5 year lease with a 3 year extension and our 5 years are up in September.  I'm hoping they extend it and leave it as is...but I'm hearing they are offering less these days?

Hi Everyone,

 Any new info on the Springhill Twp. leases? My family has a lease with Rice that will be up in November. Thanks!



Ours is up next month...not a word from them.  From what I'm hearing EQT is probably not going to renew the old Rice lease...just a guess though.

John B where you at in springhill   we are on Ned Ridge rd. I am in Ohio so I don't know much about it. I get a e-mail and it say's 41 well permits in springhill but that's it.  

American Petroleum is leasing now for 7300 hundred an acre now in greene county 724-288-6982


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