Does anyone have information on either the companies who are purchasing or the process being paid for O & G rights in these townships: Gilmore, Jackson Wayne, Perry Whitely, Freeport or Springhill??

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     Don't forget that Greene County is in the Rome Trough, one of the richest oil and gas deposits in the Appalachian Basin.

Find a copy of the Kentucky Brochure and count the number of oil and gas plays described in KY & WV, 16 different oil and gas plays. You'll never be fairly compensated since its all being kept quiet.

What you see in KY & WV continues into PA, NY and Canada. This was an ancient reoccurring ocean so it should be uniform in Carbon production.

I hope you tolerate your mistakes well since this will be a big one.

I'm keeping my Rome Trough mineral rights.


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yes sir The Rome Trough is a play that the buyers don't want u to know about Its going to be a while before any one drills it as the upper play's are still hot. I seen a map of it posted by The Iron Farmer on this site yrs ago.  

Does anyone have experience with Pa Land Holdings. They are in this area.


PA Land Holdings is the acquisition division of Alpha Natural Resources.  Alpha is the JV partner of Rice which is developing in parts of Greene County.  Please give me your email address, or "friend" me here so we can communicate.


Strve, e mail address is
Hope I am able to join this discussion. I have mineral rights in Greene county, center township near Holbrook, Pa. Is this area in the Rome trough? Thanks. Debbie Pennell

Yahoo search on Rome Trough Map came up with the below group of maps. Also take a look at the Kentucky Rome Trough Brochure below, the minerals in Pike County KY are the same as Greene County PA.;_ylt=AqN26UJq3MAW5sT62DuPZjCbvZx4?p...

Ron Hale

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Read paragraph 3.4 Appalachian Basin Province In Eastern Kentucky starting on page 11 in the Kentucky Brochure below. The 16 oil and gas plays are described in the Rome Trough that extends into NY State.

The Rome trough where is it below the Marcellus or the utica or above @ Ron Hale the maps come up hard to see on my PC. 

No information here....I'm in the dark.....Got oil/gas rights in Springhill Township, but nothing happening evidently.  :-(


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