It has come to my attention that CNX will not renew any more leases or sign any new leases in Wayne Twp. EQT has been making offers of $1000 per acre paid each year or delay rental lease. There is a new energy company called AMCO in the area offering $3000 an acre (Paid up) and up to $3500 an acre. The number for AMCO if interested in talking to them is 724.209.8487 or

Now for EQT to go in and screw landowners by offering them a delay rent lease is crooked. Delay rental leases are not good in any way for the landowner for the fact that if they drill before the 5 years of the lease, you. the landowner will not get paid the rest of the delay rental payments. 

Make sure you ask around or call neighbors or family members before EQT takes this from you for nothing.

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