I just got my newest statement and royalty check from EQT to include 12 new wells in Morris County. They are now deducting over "31%" from the Royalty. Standard in the industry and in the past wells I have, was 1/8th or 12.5%     I havent had any response from EQT about the HUGH increase in deductions yet . Anyone else under EQT have a similarly high deduction ? ? ? ? 


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Interesting. I'm leased with EQT in Center Township and drilling is under way. Did you get any clarification from EQT on the deductions?

any interest in selling? 

Thought of it. Gotten a couple of offers. Nothing I felt was reasonable. Especially when you figure taxes will eat almost 45%.

It is likely that a properly structured sale would be taxed, depending on your income, at the capital gains rate of 15-20%. In the context of this discussion, would you share the company and deductions you're dealing with? Thanks, JJ www.linkedin.com/in/jjrendina

What addendums do you have in your lease with eqt? if you look closely at the lease it will spell out whether you have any legal language to protect you from increased deductions etc.

There is a company that is paying 12,500 to buy gas and oil minerals only CP Royalties

Ted J. C. DO YOU HAVE A PH. NO. for cp royalties 



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