where can i get- well plat/ plans - for wells for free in greene county ?

with out paying 120.00 to see all legs    for :   (james rice 12H pad )  and when will i know if they did drill under me ? will i just receive check in mail ? how does it work ?    chevron owns the rights vantage is drilling close to me. my property is about 800 yards away from well pad . 12 hole pad- i am hoping they hit me ? but ,would like to know for sure where legs are .

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I joined MarcellasGas .Org   its 25.00 a year.You can get all kinds os info. there.

yes, tons info : wish it was not 120. to see where wells was . i will pay if i cant find free maps 

Call the driller and just ask if you are in a unit. Or try your court house. There should be a declaration of pooled unit on file on the deeds of those who will receive royalties.
My courthouse charges me .25 per page if its scanned in the system. If its not yet scanned then it was $2.00 a page. I only had the pages I was interested in copied.

Just some new Greene Co. Springhilltownship news..... The Michael McNicholas 8 well went into production on Sept. 24 2013.

Any word on the production amounts yet?


Gas production: 530,608 MCF (up to Dec 31st, 2013)
Dollar value: $ 1,777,536.80   (ATW $ 3.35 per MCF)
Estimated Royalties: $ 222,192.10   (@ 12.5%)
Liquid Waste: 1,485,638 Gallons (35,372 Bbls)
Site Inspections: 6 inspections
Violations Cited: 0 violations

That's just about what our family got from EQT.

http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/about/katies/index.htm    just shoot her an e-mail she will send info if she can get it for free !

Does she have info on Penna or just Ohio?


Plat for James Rice 12H



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