The bill of sale has been recorded in Guernsey co. between Swepi and American Energy Utica. looks like all of Swepi's leases have been re-assigned. 28 pages long ,about 60 or so parcels per page. You can view at US Land It's listed as a single record, but you can download the list. 

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Who or what is Swepi ? Have not heard of this oil company. Is it Red Hill and American Energy partnership?

SWEOI is Shell Western Exploration. They leased acreage in Guernsey County and surrounding counties in 2011/2012. American Energy Partnership or Utica purchased leased acreage from SWEPI, Enervest, and Red Hill Development. The news release states around 110,000 acres in the three deals!

They got some of David Hills too!  They mean business!

What townships are the leases in?

Looks like SWEPI deal includes many of the townships in Guernsey County. Total acreage in the one document described above was 24,000 acres.


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