We have 3.34 Acres in Madison Twnp Guernsey County, Does anyone know of anyone still leasing small parcels? Carrizo offered 5500 per and 20% but i was told not to go with them, so anyone else?? Thanks guys!!

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Faith, we will buy your mineral. Mesg me for more details.
I was told rice energy. But not sure where there buying or how big they want the parcels . They didn't want mine but its in wills township. Good luck. Let me know if you find someone.

I decided to go with Carizzo and what they originally offered 5500 and 20% gross they are sending the leases to us today,

Try Carizzo we only had 3.34 acres

Ok thanks.
Did you get ahold of them through thee web site or another way?

I called the phone number of the Cambridge office, i googled them and it was right there!

I was just approached by eclipse after being cancelled by shell for my 5 acres in Oxford township. $5500 with 20% net. They say they are drilling next year and seemed anxious for my land. Should I hang on demanding gross or should take the money and sign. I ask about gross and was shot down and don't know if I have any bargaining strength. Any advice appreciated.

I would demand gross what did your neighbors get? Anyhow if they want it now they will want it then. play hard ball. Tell them you have other companies you are in touch with and thats one of the perks their offering you.good luck ps if they really want it you will get what you want.

I"d wait a year or so, if you can. After the pipelines are in and the processing plants are up & running.They ,or someone else will be back. Wait until they are ready to drill and promise to include you in the production unit. again,if you can wait  ;DO! A year isn't really that long.

I got the lease from Carrizo and its not gross at the wellhead like Shells lease it was a whole paragraph of what they will take out between the welhead and the sale it was alot and it included about everything that might incur! I think net is a bad idea and if they will not do gross then they can forget it!!

My two sisters and I own the mineral rights to approximately 70 acres in Westland Township, Guernsey Co, and I wondered if there is a way for us to approach oil companies or do you just sit and wait to be contacted?


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