Aubrey's newest company; American Energy Utica, has partnered up with the Kimble co.s Red Hill Development. Kimble has thousands of acres in Guernsey/tusc. counties under lease. The details of the Joint Venture hasn't been released, but they are planning on permitting soon and drilling by years end. AEU has said they are planning on bringing 12 drilling rigs to the Utica acreage. Looks like their financing/investors are secured,ready to rumble. Watch out Guernsey/ Tusc county!  Most of their acreage in Guernsey are east of I-77 and north of I-70. Not sure bout Tusc. They are supposedly the buyers of Shell's & Enervest's sold holdings here. Don't think that has been finalized and recorded yet. I don't think they have to notify the landowners involved,but you'll know when they permit,or test your water, or survey.  I would not be surprised if they contact you for renegotiations of  the terms of the leases.Be prepared for that scenario!

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Thanks for posting that Bo.  It is on Red Hill land in Wheeling Twp. that Enervest's RHDK 8-H well sits.  Enervest never makes mention of that well in their conference calls.  I do not believe it produced the way that they had hoped for.  It is situated in that part of the utica that they call the volatile oil portion.  They have partnered with an unnamed private company to drill test wells in that portion of the play to gain a better understanding of its dynamics and to develop the proper completion techniques to improve flow rates.  It would seem that unnamed company is probably American Energy Utica.

Do they have to let us know if we are part of a unit?  I would think so.

They stated in a press release they would be drilling in Harrison first on land owned by Red Hill.  Red Hill owns several blocks >600 acres in Harrison and that land is surround by parcels that are leased to Red Hill.  I was told they hold by production the lease to over 60000 acres.  It would seem that most units would be on their own land with a little extra added in.  We were told that well pads will mainly be on Red Hill land.


Oh, well. I'm in Guernsey so I'll just have to wait.

I heard about McClendon buying up the Enervest leases a couple months ago. I figured something was up when I got a letter from Enervest last December saying they were going to start paying quarterly no matter how small the amount. So far I've heard nothing else except that they intended to hang on to their shallow wells.

Now another neighbor who signed with Shell a year or so ago tells me they just got a notice that their lease has been sold to "an undisclosed buyer." I'm betting it's McClendon.

I'm hoping we are approached for renegotiations because my neighbors and I have a really vague and crappy lease that was signed in 1968 and is held by production. I've read it and I still can't tell you what it says, but my last royalty check was for $2.75. The one before that was for $9 and change.

I signed with Shell and got a letter saying my lease was sold to American Energy Utica, which is Aubrey McClendon.  So your neighbor's lease is Aubrey McClendon.

I did not read your post well.  I just got my letter and your neighbor got theirs a year ago.  Could be anybody.

No, my neighbor signed with Shell a year ago. They just got this letter recently, but theirs didn't say who the buyer was. I suspected it was him when she told me about it. Now I'm certain. I imagine other neighbors who signed with Eclipse will also be getting letters soon because it sounds like he's putting together acreage for a unit.

Oh, I heard before that he was calling his new company American Energy Partners - or AEP for short. Wonder if he changed it because of confusion with AEP the power company.

I heard that American Energy Utica is a subsidiary of American Energy Partners. I believe American Energy Utica has merged with another oil company but I can't think of the name of it. 

Aubrey is presently working with a local Realtor to find 10/15 acres with a Cambridge address to build their regional office bldg.!  Sure hope he find it!  Hope the powers that be round here don't try to run him off like they have numerous others over the years . Turning this hick town into something big may not be stopped this time.

I would bet on the location 1. close to the airport 2. near the Industrial Park and 3. Cambridge Country Club. 

Time will tell.

He can buy my 15 acre Hay field  ??



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