Aubrey's newest company; American Energy Utica, has partnered up with the Kimble co.s Red Hill Development. Kimble has thousands of acres in Guernsey/tusc. counties under lease. The details of the Joint Venture hasn't been released, but they are planning on permitting soon and drilling by years end. AEU has said they are planning on bringing 12 drilling rigs to the Utica acreage. Looks like their financing/investors are secured,ready to rumble. Watch out Guernsey/ Tusc county!  Most of their acreage in Guernsey are east of I-77 and north of I-70. Not sure bout Tusc. They are supposedly the buyers of Shell's & Enervest's sold holdings here. Don't think that has been finalized and recorded yet. I don't think they have to notify the landowners involved,but you'll know when they permit,or test your water, or survey.  I would not be surprised if they contact you for renegotiations of  the terms of the leases.Be prepared for that scenario!

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Time has proved you right!  Next to airport & country club,in the Industrial park!  Confirmed today in the Daily Jeff.

Could you cut and paste article, Jeff will not let you read it if you dont subscribe


Dan Davis The Daily Jeffersonian Published:  January 15, 2014 1:00PM
Cambridge-Guernsey County Community Improvement Corporation/Guernsey County Port Authority Executive Director Norm Blanchard announced to Cambridge Kiwanians Tuesday that Aubrey McClendon, former head of Chesapeake Energy and current American Energy Partners LP chief, will locate a regional headquarters in Guernsey County.
"For about nine months we've been negotiating with American Energy Partners," Blanchard said. "We were really wanting to get that here, because he's establishing a regional headquarters. And everybody in the industry we talked to said if you can land him, others will come in on his coattails. He's that influential."
Blanchard said the headquarters will be constructed in the D.O. Hall Business Center, and create approximately 125 jobs.
Last year, McClendon-managed American Energy Capital Partners set out to raise $1.7 billion through a public offering to fund the acquisition and development of oil and gas fields in the United States.
"Even more important than the jobs is the name he will bring to Cambridge. It will help us in a lot of ways, and we're really glad we were able to work that," Blanchard said.
Officials from American Energy Partners said they did not have any comments at this time.

RATS... guess I will just have to keep putting up hay.....


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