Looking at the productions records of the Karen and J Anderson wells in Guernsey County. Anybody have an idea how to calculate royalty payments on these based on a 20% lease? Ballpark figures on a per acre per month basis? I am a land owner in this area which makes me very curious!!

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Another active member on this site posted that they saw a check for one of the landowners in the Karen unit.  The first two months averaged out to about $2,800 per acre per month.  Not sure how fast things will start to decline.  I am guessing that you would get roughly this amount for the first 6-12 months or so and then production would start to go downhill pretty quickly.

I am in Millwood township between Barker and Shannon Run.  Sounds like our properties might not be too far apart.


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Thats some pretty good $$$$ !  Heard rumors on the J Anderson well paying out up to 5400.00 per acre per month. Could that be possible?

I am also in Millwood township just north of Quaker City.

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Not a realistic numbers. If the unit was 640 acres it would have to produce around 300,000 barrels of oil to get to 5,400/acre so the numbers won't be anywhere near that.

Dan, you may want to follow the Millwood township thread:


Thanks you guys !


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