Does anyone know where EQT's future drilling sites might be?? Are there maps located anywhere??

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Looks like mostly west of I 77

Here are EQT's permits:

EQT had/has a pad staked in Muskingum but I haven't heard anything on that for going on 6 months. They will most likely continue to tweak their completion process before "bumping" west.
has anyone heard more on the well pad on arrow head Road. And EQT representative was stopping at my house numerous times last fall he said they were going to thrill

That Arrowhead well site may be one of the 21 wells EQT had planned on drilling this year,but are now putting on hold till they get more info on the wells they will be fracking on Cubbison road soon. There hasn't been a permit obtained for the LaRue. I heard they contacted more landowners in that Area trying to get the unit acreage together.  It's far enough East of the Cubbison Road wells that they should have much better results. More wet gases. There would be a delay with infrastructure there,so no reason to rush it.  The results of the Daddy Shugert wells ,just S.E of there may be what they are waiting for.

The $145,000,000 dedicated to the 2014 CapEx Ohio drilling program for 21 wells just got spent two weeks ago on a land swap with Range Resources.

Thanks for the info... rep was here Fri from tgs doing geophysical seismic survey signed to allow cable across my driveway ...hope this mean things are moving along faster?


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