Guernsey Lease Offers: County / Date of Offer / Royalty % / Bonus Per Acre / Acreage

Ohio-Guernsey County     06/27/2011     15.00%     $1600.00     5 years     100.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     10/22/2011     20.00%     $5000.00     5 years     5.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/26/2012     20.00%     $5000.00     5 years     48.00
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/27/2012     14.00%     $3600.00     5 years     40.50
Ohio-Guernsey County     09/27/2012     14.00%     $3600.00     5 years     40.50
Ohio-Guernsey County     02/27/2012     16.00%     $2000.00     5 years     0.75

ADD YOUR"S BELOW. Please add any additional qualifying info; Section-Township-Range etc.

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I think ascent is leasing there also, so ironhead  must be getting them to re lease to ascent.

Ascent has done some selective leasing at roughly $4,000 per acre and 17% no deduction on a 5 year lease in SE guernsey.

Does Ascent usually take the 120 days to pay the lease bonus or do they pay quicker than that?


My contract was for 60 days and they waited until the last couple of days before making payment.  Good Luck!


I am still waiting for payment on my lease with Steel City Mineral Fund & Appalachian Resources Development Group LLC.

Was supposed to be in 75 days which came & went. Now into a 30 day extension period for payment. 

They are claiming backlog with title search company. (hmmm)

Two of my neighbors in same boat.

Will update with hopefully positive news.

Good luck Scott, hope you get it soon.

Thanks Greg, you as well !

Received my check on the 119th day of the 120

Congrats Greg.  Now we just sit back and wait to see if /when they drill.

Thanks David. It sure would be nice to see them drill ours.

Beware of Steel City Minerals & Appalachian Resources Development Group LLC (ARDG LLC). Signed a lease agreement with them back in Feb. with a specified deadline for payment. Deadline came & went with no payment & no reason given or any communication whatsoever. They are not responding to my lawyer at KWGD & have not cancelled or filed a release with the county recorder. 


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