Many neighbors have been told to keep quiet and not share the numbers offered . That's crazy . The only one that benefits is the oil company . 

Currently offered 

3 years @ 2250 per acre 18% gross with 3 year option at 2500 per acre .  This is through our group . We signed with the law firm KWDG to negotiate . 

Landman offered via phone 2000 + 18% GROSS

Sent contract . 2k per acre 12.5% NET . I only asked for a copy of the contract for a lawyer to look at . 

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Update , they reminded that offer within a week , didn't even make it to us from the law firm . Signed for 1250 p/acer . 3 years paid yearly .

Hopefully something starts around here . I was rild Ascent was also drilling but didn't renew us this go round .
Recinded, damned auto correct .


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