Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Please let us know what you find out.

We also have ground on putney ridge that TGS was looking at .. We signed with them to do work on Our ground on arrowhead road last week..guy was pretty straight forward not pushy.. Made the comment that siesmograph project alone will run 150 million ..he also made the comment he would never sell mineral rights in that area.. Maybe it was sales talk maybe not .. There office is located across walmart behind the arbys office units

We agreed to let them on our property in Center Twp. on the south side of I-70 across from Arrowhead.

TGS is going to do a big 3D seismic shoot. They are supposed to start shooting this project later on this year.

Are they offering any money?

$5.00 per acre, not much but they are in and out in a couple of weeks once they start.

Everyone around us signed too.

What I don't understand is chk has a right to do seismic testing on our ground and we re already leases and drilled and not pay us a thing. Kinda curious what this is all about.

Did Oxford used to pay $5.00 an acre for their gas leases?  Is $5.00 worth the trouble?

It's not gonna work for me. It's going to have to be a lot more to put up with all the hassle. And I wouldn't let them do it bit only a couple months in the summer. I'm going to call them tonight

If you are already leased and drilled it must be for another layer other than the Utica. Not sure if this is correct but can't believe the would do this on land that was already being drilled. Anyone have any ideas?

Good point

For whatever reason, the focus seems to be the condensate window of the Utica/Pt. Pleasant.


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