Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Keep your mineral rights!. if you get into a 3/4 or more well producing unit, you may be able to move to Arizona!

We hope something happens for us in 2015, if not we will wait but we will never sell our mineral rights.

I wont even sell the land, except for the lot around the house, unless somebody just blows me away with an offer.

What does 3/4 or more well producing unit mean ?

3 or 4 or more wells in a unit,producing. Maybe $500  royalties per month,per well, per acre.Do the math. I would sell the land & house, keep the mineral rights,move to Arizona!.   Maybe have a house in New Concord  too for the summer months.  Get away from the traffic & noise. Those jake brakes will wake you up at night. The worse must be the pipeliners and roughnecks in their pickups. Why in the world would you want your pickup to sound like a 1950 semi-tractor? I bet they cant even hear their radio!

etI went down to Grape Hollow, things got pretty heated when I wrote down license plates. Told two of them who were real mad that they could have their number back if they could get iout of my


I expected the inconvenience but not the absolute disregard for us out here and the horrendously unsafe driving.

And nobody cares enough to do anything about it. We have no choice but to leave.

Call Mike McCauley

Its his job to take care of things...

I have had numerous requests to the sheriff's department for help. Also talked with Eclipse several times, the state highway patrol, Dave Saft (county commissioner) and the highway department. So far, zero.


I witnessed a car bas the school bus on a double yellow line as the bus was attempting to turn left onto McBurney road.

Turns out it had happened three times total. I had to have two conversations with the travel supervisor at school to get it reported.

So we have three incidences, two credible eyewitnesses, talked with their bosses on the site, Eclipse and the sheriffs department.


Nothing. As far as I know not a single citation, and I still see the same guys in the same cars going to Grape Hollow to work.

Thanks a pant load.

Time to go.

Maybe this would be a good use for the traffic cameras that we have up here in Cleveland.  Give the truckers speeding tickets and generate revenue to help pay for the roads that are being destroyed   

I guess replace McCauley

The Sherrif in ANY COUNTY is the ULITMATE

LAW ENFORCER for the County...


It is the Sherrif's job to do what ANY CITIZEN

asks as far as enforcing the law....

He is PUT IN PLACE by voting.. by the Citizens..

He answers to NO ONE ELSE...!!

State Troopers are worthless on backroads...

Try talking to Capt Paden..of the Sherriffs office

East Muskingum is great school district. I live just past the high school on 83. Nice area..

According to Eclipse's December Corporation Presentation, the Hayes and Fritz wells were turned to sales in November, 2014


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