Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Another Antero well will be built on the Pierce farm on St Johns up past Mt.Egon & the old church The nice blue/gray home that sits close to the road, pad will be on acreage behind the home.They signed a deal with Antero yesterday for a well pad with 5 proposed wells. Unit will be 650 acres. Legs will run north then turn west.

Okay folks.  I promised to share once we got a full month's worth of royalties.  For the month of January, it averaged $347.79 per acre for the month.  Gas was at $1.86 and oil was at $37.12.

By contrast - In December gas was $2.72 and oil was $48.17.

Quite a drop in a month.  Oh, bring back the higher prices!  (Except at the gas pumps - lovin' that!)

Who were they selling these products to? themselves? an afflilated company?. I don't think I seen those prices anywhere ..

Thanks for the update & congrats again......

Is that after deductions? Also curious what percentage of royalty. Some people are at 12.5% and others up to 21%. And I agree bring back $75+ per bbl oil. ;)

Thank you Jan for stepping up.

12.5% cost free.  

Yes THX for keeping us updated & informed about royalty amounts. Most don't. Is'nt it funny how some people can comment and ask questions on here about daily until they start getting royalties, then disappear,never to be heard from again!

Thanks Jan.
Careful with the cost free stuff both my leases are and their still deducting , for now

Evan - one phone call and they fixed ours 

Lucky you, about 3 for me but they finally realize the issues now.


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