Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Huge oversize loads going south on state route 513 last 3 days. Too numerous to ever count. Word has it they are going West on SR 265 at Quaker City. This not drilling equipment. Anyone know what is going on with that. Thanks in advance.
Lots of tankers coming out of Scott wells on Oxford road. It looks maybe those wells are online now.

When they were fracking the Law well, it leaked to the Scott and they were taking truck loads of water out.

Hi Guys and Girls,

does anyone know the name of the giant pad Eclipse is building on Greenlawn in Quaker City.  wow talk about moving some dirt, its very impressive.  just wondering what way the legs will go.  there has been alot of lease flipping in that area in the last few weeks.


and may all of us get drilled......

It's the mercury and 2 of the laterals are going northwest for sure. Don't know about the other two. I would love more info on this, also. We got a letter on it.

where is your property Skittles ?  BTW my favorite candy

noticed the mercury wells are now plotted on the ohiodnr well locator map.  legs running northwest.  also, appears eclipse will be paving part of putney ridge and greenlawn to the well site.

I was told by the road crew supervisor, they are currently planning on paving 500ft up Putney Ridge from 513, and 500ft down Greenlawn toward town.  The rest is supposed to be chip and seal.  Those plans could change though.  The paving part is done for now...unless they decide to modify the plan.

2of those wells will be Eclipse's longest laterals yet. all the way to Lydick Rd. 29461 ft. total depth.

Borders salt fork creek just off 513, North of Putney ridge. So my best guess is, not having access to a unit map, those two laterals will cross SR 513 somewhere near Putney ridge and cross salt fork creek. No guess how far they will go.
They just take down the rig on the fritz well.and black top some of Grape Hollow rd.

Where is the rig going?  The Law???


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