Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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I believe Antero will eventually lease Rob's property and everyone north that they can catch from the Anderson and Hall pads but their new business model seems to be to release the acreage until they need it rather then pay guaranteed bonus money. There is still a lot of land swapping that needs to be done between Antero and Eclipse.

i get a feeling that once they have me surrounded they can let me sit and avoid large delay rental payments.  i am actively talking with a small driller who is interested in drilling.  the area is proven, so why do they wait so long to drill ?  all it would take is for one wildcatter who can make smaller acreage profitable to blow up the Monopoly.....they are out there.

Hang in there Rob.

The most truth of this whole industry is how fast things can change and how hard it is to predict what will happen or to justify what has happened.

I meant Carrizo not carion. Auto spell check got me
Thanks. Anymore comments are welcome.
Water testing for the Jupiter pad off st route 265 going on.
Anyone know if the Great Scott is in production yet?

water testing for surrounding properties in general or for landowners that have been notified they are in the unit?

just in general as far as I know but I haven't seen any type of pooling or unit maps yet.

where do we go etc. Laura to have water sample tested? 

If you received a certified letter you will need to call the phone number included in the letter, they will schedule someone to come to your property and test all your sources of water on your property like well, pond, spring etc. if you did not receive a letter, there is nothing for your to do at this point.

thanks, I don't get mail at my property so hopefully they will look up tax mailing address

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