Anything going on down at the Nevada Road, Barker/Shannon Run road area? I know they had logged the Nevada road area......but anything happening there since then?

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I see on the county engineer's report that Eclipse has filed a permit for the Rollie Layfield 1 well on TR 948 (Nevada Rd.)  But the Layfield tract that I found is on the east side of Nevada Rd  The road that was put in for the new well pad was on the west side of Nevada and a little further north of where the Layfield parcel is located  The unit size is listed as only 60.48 acres and being drilled to the Rhinestreet/Marcellus.  So this may just be a vertical well to get the acreage HBP

There has been no road work on Nevada Rd. yet, someone on Nevada Rd put in a new driveway.

Yes, the Rollie Loyfield  land is a permit for a shallow well......and the drive way on the north side of the road is a driveway...I heard someone is building a cabin in the woods.


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