My lease with Gulfport that was negotiated by KWG&D expires at the end of October 2016 (Madison Twp).   I was recently contacted by Eclipse and Holland so I reached out to KWG&D who sent me a questionnaire which included a question about my interest in joining another group.  I'm certainly going to join a group if one is formed that covers my property but I'm wondering if others have received the same questionnaire and if any groups are being formed.  

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I didn't receive a questionnaire about joining a group, but have been approached by Landmans for Eclipse and Ascent. I am also in Madison twn . Me and some neighbors are interested in getting an attorney or someone knowledgeable to review the draft leases they provided. But not having much luck. Maybe joining a group would be a good option.

I reached out to Bill Williams via the "Contact William" link on the KWGD website.  Bill was the lead attorney from KWGD who did our group lease with Gulfport 5 years ago.  Here's the link to his contact page:   http://w***********/william-williams

Received a reply from the law firm almost immediately asking.for contract expiration , total average and location . Contact Greg Watts at KWGD. 

Ah perfect, I was thinking KWGD was a land man. I will reach out.

Thanks for the info ! Not too many folks around us sharing the news.  Can't figure that out except maybe greed . They got burned the last time . Some folks just don't learn.  Will be calling them today!! 

Again , many thanks for sharing . 


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