I signed a March lease with W.....  It was a 90 day lease with a due date of August the 10th which has come and gone and i have not seen anything.  I have contacted the landman several times but they will not give me any answers as to why payment was not made.  Most of my friends had no problem with receiving payment.  I understand if there was an issue with my title they may need more time which they techincally have, but why cant they let me no what the problem is.  I"ve contacted Gulfport as well, but no luck.  Anyone have any input?

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do you know if 8 acres can be leased in guernsey co . it's just over the line from belmont and what amounts are being payed ?      thanks

Join a landowners group!  I joined KWGD. The Smith-Goshen Landowners group is a good one in your area.  Getting a good lease is more important than the signing bonus!
I agree , is 8 acres enough to be leased ? how do I get a hold of them , do you have a contact #  many thanks
Thank you Michael !

alot of the issues are the amount of time it takes to get results out of the county courthouse,.,  wishgard paid out over 60 mill in signing bonuses in the month of august alone.. if  you are able to be leased.. you will be paid.. mick

My property was sold by the estate of the original owner,  4+ acres off of a larger plot. The larger property was under lease signed back in 1978. The well is not on my parcel and has been dormant for at least 6 years that I am aware of. I have not been contacted by anyone as of yet but I like to be prepared should the day come.

What would you all suggest I do to verify my title is clear. I have the Sched B from the title company which shows my property MAY be subject to a pipeline right of way/easement granted to a production company and a lease granted in 1980 to a second company .  

Since I have not been contacted by anyone, would you think it prudent to locate and or join a group at this juncture ? 

                                                 Thanks in advance, 



The first thing you should do is have mineral rights search done to determine exactly what you own. Do you have a copy of that lease? Did you ever receive royalties from that well? A good oil and gas attorney can do the search for you. If the well was put in before you split your property from the original parcel, you are likely HBP and have nothing to offer to an oil and gas company.

Thank you sir ! I don't have a copy of the lease, just going through our paperwork. I am going to contact the Guernsey County Recorder to follow up. We purchased in 2010, the land was sold by the original owners estate in 2006. I think I will contact KWGD and get their input.

Just read where the parcel the gas well is on has always been a separate parcel from ours, but the original owner was receiving gas to a home on our parcel from that well until around 2004-05 when it stopped producing, or was shut down for whatever reason.  Just looked up the HBP acronym, more new information ! Lastly, We never received any royalty checks from the well . 

Thanks again, this site has been very informative. Not looking to get rich, I am as happy as a pig in mud with what I have there. Living and working my whole life in Cleveland gives me a totally different perspective on living in the country ! Be well and keep the info coming,




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