can anyone post a URL or Google earth file,

showing the locations of current and planned pipelines in Guernsey County, OH

hopefully in the vicinity of Cambridge Twn, Cambridge, OH?

Or describe their location(s)?


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They are all listed on the ODNR web site.

It lists wells that are permited and have not been drilled as well as current wells, hope this helps.

I am looking for MAJOR PIPELINES

like REX and MarkWest, not wells.

Are pipelines shown?

I did not see them, maybe didnt look enough

The Bluegrass Pipeline is supposed to run through Eastern Guernsey County.

Yes Rockies pipeline comes through starting at west guernsey and running through most of the county. Hitting noble county around Millwood township.

do you know where I can find a map online?

I suppose I COULD do a google search myself, too!

But just thought I would ask.

Thank you, everyone, for your help here.

FracMapper has several maps showing pipelines and other items for Ohio and other states.  I found a proposed pipeline route that cuts through a corner of my property there.  Something I'll be keeping an eye on.


Thanks...very impressive!
Truly excellent resource for the oil and gas community!

Thanks Art. great maps & other info. I think the fractivists are a bunch of idiots,but they have good info!

Dominion East Ohio, through a holding company especially created, Dominion Natrium Holdings, has transferred all of its interest, including right-of-ways, in its Western Gas System to Blue Racer Midstream.  You can see this pipeline on the Blue Racer website.  This Western Gas System appears to run from Washington County, through parts of Morgan and Noble Counties, and then proceeds through the western part of Guernsey County into Tuscarawas County where it terminates northeast of Newcomerstown.  By the appearance of the line and the listing of the right-of-ways in the conveyance, this Western Gas System runs just west of Cambridge Twp through Westland and Adams Twp.

Here is the latest Google Earth map of the MarkWest gathering lines.



Could you post an updated version of this map which is current to 2020?  Or provide a link to where the information could be found?  Thanks in advance!


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