Some true,some hearsay...Aubrey is looking for a site to build his regional office with a Cambridge address.  Aep Utica is looking to drill a well behind the General store in Old Washington,early feb.   .AEP is drilling now in Harrison co. Rice will be moving their big rig from Belmont co. to daddy Shugerts well in Old Washington,soon. Bluegrass Pipeline coming thru the county this year. Compressor  station for Antero's well below Senecaville is ready to fire up any day.  Gulfport is sending rigs to Guernsey soon. EQT is wanting to drill 21 new wells in Guernsey this year. Carrizo has 2 pads built,ready to roll. Cheasapeake,all of a  sudden,likes Guernsey,better than Carroll. The company wanting to build an apartment complex at the I-77/Rt.22 site has agreed to help finance a sewer plant needed at that site& Coventry Estates. Motel to be built across from Pilot on the hill almost ready to roll. Some landowners near Quaker City are getting offers of $13,400. per acre to sell their Mineral rights.  Any other tidbits are welcome. You hear things from credible sources that may not even be true,but you be the judge.

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Thanks evan. Was that for multiple wells?
Yes 3 wells
Gotcha. That's about what I have been paid in sw harrison county. Definitely not the huge numbers some people are expecting but still solid income.
Is the $800 per acre before or after the gas company took out deductions for expenses?

Yes KT. That's after all expenses  which is another chapter in itself  

Congrats Evan, I'm glad to hear that someone on here close to home is getting something back.  From your last post I assume they are taking deductions from you?  What % is your lease if you don't mind my asking?

Hard to explain but half of my land is 20% the other half is 12%. They combined my two seperate leases is the problem. One doesn't allow any deductions the other barely does. I should be getting two checks really , one for one lease and one for the other. Going to be a nightmare to straighten out but not a huge deal yet. Thanks Tom

That explains to me why someone else in that unit said they got $1050 per acre. Percentage and deductions!

 Evan, thx for spilling the beans, most people clam up after they start receiving royalties. Was that $ per acre for the 2 months,or 1 month?

no problem Bo. I always said I would reveal what I got so hopefully others will. That $ was just one month .  Nov to Dec..

Congrats Evan!

Good for u Evan ..


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