what is the going rate to allow testing on your property? we just recieved a letter from TGS wanting to run seismic on our property . thanks for any help    S. Keller

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Has anyone had the testing on their land?

I have land on Institute Road, they drilled 12 holes on me this week, were in and out in about 4 hours, no damage or issues. I would imagine they will be running the wires and sensors shortly.

Michael, what's going on with the Chumney well off Institute Rd.? Any action at all?

I'm close to the Chumney well, and have not heard much of anything. It's very strange that there is zero activity, doesn't make sense, unless their waiting for some pipe to make it's way to the well.

Seismic Video

We have had several blue & white flags on our property on Battle Ridge Rd. (Center Twp.) for the past couple weeks and presume they are for TGS (we signed with them earlier this year).  They appear to mark the access route into our parcels.  Haven't seen any activity otherwise, though it's been about a week or so since we've been to the meadow to look around.

The link is for a video on seismic testing and may be similar to the method TGS uses.

Well they were back again on Oct 31. Different guy this time, and he assured me "many" of the neighbors have changed their minds and signed.

He also was prepared for my question about whether they were working for Enervest. He had something he wanted to show me! Went back to his car to get a letter "from Enervest" hat supposedly said all this was okee dokee with them. The funny thing was, the letter was on TGS stationary. It basically said the same thing the premission thing says. It had the signature of a TGS representative. And, off on the l/h side was a dinky, smudged signature of an alleged Enervest person and next to that some tiny smudged print you can't even read. That looked like a rubber stamp they'd copy and pasted from somewhere.

I say if Enervest, Aubrey, or whoever, wants this done, they need to contact me themselves with details. Until then, I sign nothing.


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