Heard there is supposed to be a lot going on this summer in Guernsey County.  What are you seeing?  Thank you!

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Hello Robert, I to have interest in Guernsey County I have property right down the road from the fairgrounds on Laughman Road I never hear anything I sure would like some information myself, Walt

Montage,formally Eclispe, has reduced their operating rigs to ONE. And that's in the Marcellus. Antero is completely out of Ohio.Encino has taken over Cheasapeakes leases in Ohio and have reduced landowners royalties to about 5%. or less. that leaves Ascent ,who is drilling away in Guernsey county and plan on more. So unless you are leased with them. sorry bout your luck in Guernsey. One potential bright spot may be Utica Resources out of Marietta. they just drilled 2 wells near Lore City and have a pad built for a well on Putney Ridge. DrillbabyDrill. The Ohio Oil&Gas commission is waiting on results of the Wayne National Forest leases this fall to model their Ohio State acreage oil&gas leases after. Could be great news for western Guernsey County,could be bad. Fingers crossed!

New rig up by Old Washington.  736 acre unit. 3 mile length. going down past rt.265.  Looks like they also propose to drill north a well  UNDER I-70 and on up to Salt Fork state grounds.Probably take a long time to forcepool that one!


Hey there Bo, I was told by a rep from Utica Resources that they where going to drill the north leg first on that new Putney Ridge Rd unit.

I hope they drill the south leg first.  Also, what does forcepool mean? and why would it take a long time?  thanks

It took Eclipse over a year to force the State of Ohio to drill under I-70 from the Fineran pad off Oxford Rd. Maybe that process has already been completed for the Putney Ridge pad? The platmap for the north leg is already on the ODNR site. When I get time, I'll see what I can find out and let you know. I was told Utica Resources want to drill a lot of wells in that township.

Vickie, they have  two platmaps submitted for the north leg. one is a 558 acre unit that stops just short of I-70. dated 4/17.19. and one dated 5/29/19 that is a 901 acre unit that goes under the interstate. neither the north,or south leg is being reported as "drilling". If you are in one of the units,you should be able to call them and get answers.

Both the north and the south units are now listed as "drilling". they must be going to drill both and frac both now. both should be producing by the end of the year. royalty checks flowing by spring. just guessing.  they show NOT going under the interstate; stopping at Easton rd.

Thanks Bo.  Fracking is also going on at the Gilcher pad in Londonderry Township.

thx.  I was thinking our forum was pretty much dead. but activity is picking up. I was talking to a Price Gregory pipeline guy and he said guernsey county,all the way to the new cracker plant at Dillys Bottom, is about to explode with pipeline activity. all that wetgas needs to get to rt.7 once that plant is built.

Ok that is good to hear lets keep each other informed.

If your income is dwindling from deductions/wells declining,leases expiring, you may want to sell your timber crop. Best to get a consultant who can negotiate the best deal/price for your trees, it's a lot like using a lawyer for your oil&gas lease. you can get lowballed if you try to do it yourself. takes a lot of the work out of it too. you can get paid 100% of the sale upfront .Don't worry about paying for this service,the mill pays it.It"s a win/win . This guy/link/ has beem helping people I know get good deals.


So is there anything  going on in Guernsey County now?  Today is June 22, 2020.


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