Is anything ever going to happen in Hancock County? It seems as if there's a lot of activity going on in neighboring states, but there certainly doesn't seem to be anything going on here. Anybody aware of any activity? I was recently informed by a naysayer that no drilling will occur in Hancock. Just curious if anybody knows of anything.

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Just my opinion here but most of the leases in Hck County still have 2 to 3 years left before something has .to happen.  There are only so many drilling rigs to go around and a lot of Ohio leases are coming due so they have to drill to HBP.  I think they will drill Hck in a couple years

Who is this naysayer?
There will be plenty of drilling in Hancock County within 2 to less than 3 years max due to lease expirations. However, I doubt it will be Chesapeake. Hopefully, a more diligent operator(s) will take over Hancock County.


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