Are there any property owners in Hancock County that still need to sign an oil and gas lease? 

If so, another energy company is extremely interested.

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Rice Energy. 

Who's in?

My In-laws have a few acres, but their health/family situation isn't conducive to signing anything right now, at least from my perspective.  I'll bring the subject up with them. Have any numbers been offered?


I'll get back with you asap after I find out the numbers... looking at putting together a unit.

I would very much be interested in more info on this matter, for I have not yet signed with anyone.

I am interested in leasing!

What are they offering?

Numbers forthcoming hopefully this afternoon.


How many people signed at mountaineer and does anybody know what they ere offered?

about 12,000 acres to my knowledge.  $4500 per acre bonus with 17.5% gross royalty.




I am new to this group. I am not signed with anyone yet and do not really know much about the process. I would like to hear about the new interests in our area and who to contact to sign. I think my grandparents held onto all 17 acres to my land. I am interested most in a group signing.


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