It has been real quiet around here..any rumors out there about drilling , pipelines ,etc?

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I would guess that since a lot of the Hancock Co leases have 2 to 4 years left they are trying to drill other places first to HBP rather than have to pay bonus money again.  Just my opinion.

Hi Gary,

I agree with Len. Most of the leases in Hancock won't expire until 5/18/17. So, it will most likely be a couple or few years for more wells to be drilled.
Most likely, the next well will be on the Phillips farm near Mountaineer Golf Course about 2 miles west of the Allison pad.
Here's a question for you:
Did everyone in the Rokisky Hancock County landowners group get paid their bonus that you know of or were some folks left out?

I think CHK might be selling it..Rumor has it that RRC is buying souther Beaver county CHK leases..why not include  Hancock? Has anyone else leased in Hancock? I really think we are the donut hole...time will tell ,but there is a lot of wet gas all around the Marcellus and the upperdevon... utica is dry but with the right price they will drill that also...OK give me your thoughts!!! Yes I know there are a few years left on the leases but there is a lot of acerages to hold drilling has to start soon...Todd I am wanting to know the same thing..did all of the acerage CHK leased get filed and paid?

No. Not everyone in the Rokisky land group has been paid. We have been waiting for 13 plus months since we signed our lease. We have been told there are no problems with our lease and that CHK just simply has not paid. Rokisky has done nothing to help us and we are currently speaking to another attorney who will assist us in getting our bonus money. Rokisky told us that 10% of the group has not been paid. If anyone else has not been paid in this same group, let us know.

Hasn't anyone called another lawyer?.. I sure would if I was in that situation..


Have you received your bonus check as of yet?  In talking with some others, it sounds as if more folks have been paid.




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