According to the latest EQT presentation, EQT has a footprint in Hancock County. 

Specifically, see page 14.  In addition, EQT midstream has a pipeline build-out headed into southern Beaver County, PA - see pages 21-22.

So, who is leased with EQT here in Hancock?

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Todd I see on slide 16 that EQT's Utica Wet Gas lines go through Hancock and Beaver County. Most others seem to think it stops in Ohio. What do you think?

Hi Gary,
An industry contact told me to only believe about 90% of company investor presentations. EQT does have some legacy acreage in Hancock so it would benefit them if the Utica were wet here.
I apply the same principle to RRC's wet/super-rich - they're going to draw the lines to benefit/highlight their acreage positions.
According to USGS, Hancock is in the sweet spot for Utica dry gas. The Upper Devonian shales and Marcellus are wet according to MCOR/PSU.

Yeah, i agree with you i think it dry also..but they seemed to draw the map


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