See RRC's October 29, 2013 Presentation that shows the GIP (Gas In Place) for the Utica/Point Pleasant, Upper Devonian and Marcellus Shales and all 3 combined equaling 250-300 Bcf/sq mile! :))

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Not even one comment?  I guess y'all already knew this info!

I'm listening, Todd !   Thank you.... Nancy

Awesome Nancy... Thanks!

We have a lot to be excited about in the near future!

As I had mentioned in the Beaver County discussion, our Utica dry gas GIP is similar to Bradford County's Marcellus GIP.  Check out the units in Bradford County, PA (you'll need Google Earth to view):

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help!

Todd, Thank You very much for any and all information. Just found out how to reply, Joe

CHK looks to be the main driller..I wonder how many laterals are drilled in each unit? guess our area will look like that in a few years. Ilike your posts Todd keep it up...THX

You guys are all welcome.  It's my pleasure to help out.

Now, I'm ready for more action on the ground closer to home! 

Seitel has a small army of employees canvassing the area right now. Spotted a bunch of them near the traverse inn along 30 - they looked like they were ready to all go out into the field. Probably was close to 20 of them.

Today they were on Old Mill Creek near Hookstown setting up what liked like an Emt stretcher along the road. It was carried by two guys with a piece of something electronic in the middle.

Other than Seitel - nothing right now.

The rigs will be coming sooner or later to get everyone HBP'ed and hopefully get some good production moving.  We're still in the pre-game of a 9 inning baseball game.  Let's Go Buccos! :)

Thanks for the information Jason,  Our farm is about 1/2 mile from Old Mill Creek Road. And.... Thank you Todd !   You are such a Great Help !

Hey Nancy... finally found your approximate coordinates.  You're only about 6 miles to my NE as the crow flies! 




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