Enterprise Products Partners :

See pages 2 and 4 (slides 23 and 25) of the linked analyst presentation:



CONSOL Potential Stacked Shale Plays


It appears that each company moves the plays slightly to fit its assets.

Page 6 shows their EUR per Marcellus and Burkett well, each with a 8000' lateral.

Stacked opportunity for Marcellus and Upper Devonian (1.0 Tcfe) at the Pittsburgh Airport!

Pittsburgh Airport: ~9,000 Contiguous Acres 

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More up to date presentation for

Hancock's Stacked Pays according to Consol Energy:


Please see Pages:

38 - Marcellus New Project Areas: Marcellus EUR/Ft

74 - Utica Map: Overview: A Leading Position in the Utica Shale

92 - Upper Devonian: Burkett Shale Sweet Spot

96 - Stacked Pay Potential: Appalachian Shale Acreage - 9 Pay Zones Listed

97 - Stacked Pay Potential: CONSOL’s Shale Fairway -

Stacked pay provides CONSOL with substantial contiguous acres for

capital-efficient development

98 - Stacked Pay Potential: Gas Factory Development

Stacked laterals provide economies of scale to access up to 4 pays from 1 pad

161 - CONE Asset Overview

Consol and Noble Energy MLP - highlighted wet gas area for Marcellus and Upper Devonian shale operated by Noble Energy

Over $400 million capital investment in gathering and processing systems

Rapid organic volume growth through existing systems

Ongoing development of new systems to support E&P’s projected growth

Systems located on stacked pays with close proximity to processing facilities

REX Energy

Hancock County Marcellus and Upper Devonian Shale

Liquids Rich Gas

See Liquids Rich Area on Page 5 -

http://ir.rexenergycorp.com/common/download/download.cfm?companyid=... Operated Area Acquisition - Supplemental Information.pdf


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