Family members have been contacted again (1st time about 4 years ago) now by Antero, Texas, for mineral rights on land owned by an ancestor. The royalties, unnamed amounts, are based on the percentage of the area owned. Each has a small percentage of the total amount of the mineral rights. Does anyone suggest our pooling ~ $200 bucks each to have a W. VA lawyer look at their paperwork to determine if it is something we should just sign and see what happens or should we pin down an actual offer?

Some of us are far removed from the Marcellus exploration area and located all over the US. This is unknown territory for all.Thanks.

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Hello!  I'm new to this site and in the same boat.  Not sure I am comfortable with the contract they have sent me.  I'm being solicited to sign modification for lease to oil and gas rights in this county as well.  Anyone know of a good reference in the county I can talk to about this?  Legal reference would be great!  Didn't know until they called I had an interest from a great grandmother. 

How many acres are involved? I would not sign for anything unless I was 100% sure of what I was "giving" away. Something to consider is making offer to buy other Heirs out matching O & G offer.

I am also curious about this. We have been contacted concerning mineral rights we share with other family members.  Do you know if there have  been any wells begun in Harrison county recently?  Also, we have heard nothing from Antero and wonder how we contact them.


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