Today we got an offer from Petro-edge and it is for %15 and $1500/acre paid up. can anybody share if this is a good offer for this area or are there people that hae signed with this company for more or less?

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I was told that was the going rate. I have signed a similar lease with Petro Energy and have received my bonus payment.

I wonder, Is your wife related to the WV Whiteman's?

Any chance you know about Thomas P Whiteman of West Virginia?  I too just signed a lease with Petro-Edge for the same amount.  $1500/acre and 15% royalties for a 5 year lease.  It was heired to me from the Whitemans and I didn't know I was an heir until I got a phone call a few weeks ago.


Thomas P Whiteman was my great Uncle. John B Whiteman, his brother was my great Grandfather.I am also an heir to the Sardis mineral rights through my Grandmother Bertha Whiteman, John B's daughter.

I also signed a lease with Petro Edge for the same amounts.

We must be related in some manner, great Cousins or something.

I found a family tree that was sent to my mother by a Pardee Gas company over 20 years ago.  According to it, my step father was the great grandson of Mary Flanigan, Thomas P Whitemans daughter.  Of course I still have more work to do as the lease I just signed was for a tract that is 64 acres in size and the paperwork I found talks of a tract that is 108 acres.  I have no clue where the 108 acres is located as the document I have gives location based off of actual trees and names of neighbors, no road names or landmarks.  Guess a trip to West Virginia is in my future.


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