It looks like MarkWest is running a pipeline just sw of cadiz and they are looking for an easement thru my farm. I will get details tomorrow but my neighbor was visited and they talked about putting 5 pipelines thru this easement. Anybody else been contacted and is there any landowner groups for pipeline easements.

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Hunter, Can you tell me whereabouts your farm Is? Are you near Rt519 or Rt22? Near Jockey Hollow? The reason I ask is because my neighbor spotted some surveyors working on a pipeline project near our property and Jockey Hollow. We have NOT been contacted. Wonder whats going on. thanks.

My farm is just southeast of cadiz about 3 miles.

hi it's just me if you do here anything about pipe lines please let me know was told that my lease may have been sold to hess put a call into hess and i am waiting for a reply back got the phone number from pam fulton she can tell you a little better than i if it is true or not man from kansas.

Hi,  I was contacted by phone last week about a possible pipeline lease through our property in Archer township, a half mile west, southwest of the Buell site.  The landman wouldn't or couldn't give me any details, just that they were offering $15/foot, period, as if it was not negotiable.  He wants to meet in person with my wife and me ready to sign an easement on the spot.

FYI - see attached sample agreement from PA


I have recieved the same offer fromCardinal Gas Services for our property on Gundy Ridge

I think that it is very clear the landowners who took the time to search and join a landowners group or, alternatively, took the time and effort to educate themselves before signing an oil and gas lease obtained the best deals. I strongly believe the same strategy applies to pipeline right of ways (ROW). The market value of an ROW is determined by the size of one's acreage, the size of the pipe line and number of pipelines to be laid, and damages to one's property such as having to clear-cut a wooded area. I have personally confirmed that a Carroll County group received $42 per foot. This was for an ROW for  two 12 inch lines. I would suggest that the smart approach for any landowner considering granting an ROW would be to contact his or her neighbors and band together forming your own group. In the meantime, I am attempting to identify companies that would be interesting in facilitating a larger pipeline ROW lease in Harrison County. Be patient, DO not sign any contracts at this time.  It's too early!

We r moving towards groups of 15, forming for a common goal. Each landowner needs to acquire legal assistance, prior to signing. Most of our clients are very well informed of the current market and of the current language. Remember what we have said now 4 more than 2 years, slow down,get the facts, talk to adjoining neighbors, work together, the play is here to stay, we are the epi-center, we are all in the business as a mineral owner 4 years to come.

Hello Al:

Can you update me on this pipeline issue....your comments go back to mid-May and there is plenty of activity currently around your property and ours. I know several of the neighbors have been approached with a $15.00/ft offer and very one sided agreement, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Stan, you may be placing more confidence in me than is justified on this topic. Folks have become less willing to share information on oil and gas activity than was the case two years ago. I place a high value on the information that I provided above in May. I had hoped to be able to share the ROW agreement for the $42 per foot Carol County agreement, but it was never provided to me. I also am being besieged by landmen regarding pipeline ROW and survey permission. I put my survey permission in writing and require a fee unless they simply plan on walking the property. I absolutely will not use a pipeline companies contract and am not inclined to accept the $15 per foot offer and will absolutely not accept a below-market offer (which I consider $15 to be).  I had tried to identify companies and individuals that are putting together pipeline  lease groups. I found that some people who help landowners on oil and gas leases are now working on behalf of the oil and gas pipeline companies. Some of the law firms are resisting involvement. My best advice remains for all concerned to talk to their neighbors or others along the pipeline route and to form groups if possible..

Al it can be verified.  There has also been a $55 per ft paid already on a 20inch line in Jefferson.

Apply the topos and locate your midstream provider, talk to the neighbors, stick together, do not be unreasonable, be productive and assertive.  We all need to work together, surface owner, mineral owner, operator, contractor, local and county officals and of course the state.

You know who to call, as he is still on the side of the landowner/lessor.  Make sure u have legal counsel. 

Mark, thanks for sharing a "number" for the folks of this web page. Your quote indicates we're nearing $3.00 an inch (for the diameter of the pipe) in at least one location.  I personally think the $2.00 per inch is reasonable.


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