THere seems to be little activity in terms of permits or news for harrison county. It seems the focus for permits ands seismic testing is carrol county. I had thought harrison county was the epicenter?

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you may be right..........maybe it is the epicenter.......seems like it has the best producing well so far..........maybe they are practicing in other areas so they get it perfected before they come to the epicenter.

they may also be drilling to hbp on some short term older leases.

Perhaps they know we well-situated within the epicenter, so are now probing to find the transition points.  They could still be in a sort of exploration mode, so they can fine-tune the drilling strategy and maybe the lease-selling strategy for the years ahead.

I believe we are still very at a very early stage.  I think the map from the Consol & Hess joint venture is a great indicator of what we have in Harrison county. Hess has shelled out a large sum of money for  the Consol acreage. It appears to me that the county with the most of that acreage is Harrison. They also claim to have 54 wells drilled by 2013 and 65 by 2014. Thats not counting CHK who also has a large amount of acreage within the county. I believe good times are ahead for a lot of us in Harrison County and we need to be patient. Our time will come. One question I have is do we have the infrastructure to handle the developement of our county at this time ? Once the wells are drilled they need to be able to move the product. What are some thoughts on this ?
there seem to be pipelines crisscrossing the county.........there is a 30" that cuts through my property........i doubt that they are all running at capacity.

Any new info on harrison county? There still has not been any new permits.

there is some pipeline activity and some seismic testing going on

Mark where are they doing seismic tests ?

i saw ridge rd flagged through deersville..........heard it was flagged from cadiz to dennison.......seismic trucks were seen along the route.

There were crews and seismic wire strung from just south of Cadiz along US 250 all the way to Bridgeport last week too.

There has been a lot of good news in the last week or so. Maybe 2012 will be our year in Harrison County. Keep the info coming.

Here's some activity. Read this press release posted under the "A new cracker plant" discussion. This is significant upcoming activity that would seem to signal that Harrison County is indeed near the epicenter of future wet gas production.

We have stakes in the ground, surveying being done, and water testing going on here in the Northeast corner of Harrison County, three possible well sites.


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