Anyone have a scan of the plats for the Bowers unit--jefferson County PA?

Anyone have a scan of the Bowers pooling agreement or lateral plats?

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Are you from this area? 

It`s my understanding that well laterals for the Bower Well Pad extend either in a northwest or southwest direction which I think is consistent with other well pads planned for this area, as well.   A good source for this information and well plat maps is   What specific information are you looking for?

Consol seems to be very active around the Beaver Run Reservoir area in Westmoreland County.   Do you have any insights into what their plans are for Jefferson County or Indiana County?

Thanks for posting...

A correction...the laterals extend in a southeast direction, not southwest

I put in a request with PADEP and should have the plats in a day or so but thanks for your answer.

A good source for drilling information is in Consol's Presentations which can be found on their website. From what i recall, they are delineating acreage in Central PA and I wouldn't expect to see a whole bunch of production driven drilling outside their Beaver run field in 2014 and 2015. In one of their recent presentations, they anticipate drilling 9 wells in Cental Pa in 2014--I think 6 of them will be at Beaver run and I was curious to find out if the other 3 were at the Bowers pad. Seems they are focusing their activities on SW PA and toward the Allegheny county airport property.

Another website to check out for good information is  

I don`t believe anymore wells are planned for the Bower Well Pad, however, the Marchand Well Pad in North Mahoning Township in Indiana County seems to be getting prepared for a well.  You might want to check the well plats for these wells, too.   Do you know where the Nabors rig is being moved to next from the Gaut Well Pad?

I do follow the Consol website for news. 

Do you want to be included as a friend for direct communication?  I think we have more information to share with each other.

Yes I would welcome a friend request from you.  The Nabors 62 rig will move to the 3 lateral Shaw pad after finishing the Gaut.  

lettijack....this is great information!    Do you know when it was published?   How current is it?  I think some of the pad locations reflect current Consol permits in our area. 

Administration Question....I want to share information privately with lettijack.   How is this done to protect email addresses?   Help!!


Click on his username then click on send a message from his page. A box will come up where you are requesting to friend him. After he OKs the request the two of you can communicate privately.


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