exco/north coast energy has been trying to buy leases around blocks of lease ground they got from the purchase of a gas company that had leases and shallow wells in the jefferson - clfd co. area. also little pine energy has been running adds on the radio. things are heating up.

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  •      Consol Energy has a new CEO Nicholas Deluliis. Company well concentrate on the deeper Utica shale in Pennsylvania and Ohio. I know they had some permits in the big run area.                                                                                                  

Jack, are you saying Consol is interested in the Utica Shale around Big Run in addition to Marcellus Shale?   Earlier you mentioned that Seneca Resources was plugging their shallow wells in Jefferson County, do you mean shallow wells that that are now still producing gas?   Why do you think Jefferson County is a sleeping giant for gas?  Thanks!

Bumr50 works for CalFrac, they are coming to Punxsy next week. Working for Consol Energy.



Jack...Calfrac will be moving to the marchand pad next week, that`s great news!    Are you saying you work for Consol Energy?   What will be the impact of a good Marchand well for the Punxy area?  Thanks!!

Jack...any news about the fracking of the Marchand well yet?   The pipeline is being installed now.

was that just a single well?

Any current news for Jefferson County, PA?  Looks like EQT, EXCO Resources, XTO and Consol CNX Gas are still active and getting more drilling permits within the county.   How are the Consol Nardell & Marchand wells doing since being fracked?  Where will Consol drill next in the Punxy area?  Are all of these companies generally pleased with well production in Jefferson County?  Any new pipelines now or planned for the future?

Do you know anything more you can share about these new permits?  What about Seneca?  I am also very interested in this area but had understood at least EXCO was not drilling in the area because of the poor prices.  

Buddy, do you subscribe to the PA DEP E-Facts website?  If not, I suggest it to keep current on new permits for wells and pipelines in Jefferson County.  Both EQT & Exco as well as XTO have been receiving new and renewed permits this year.   There is a new pipeline called Winslow with a tap-in and meter station to the Dominion pipeline at Hudson (near Big Run).  There is a new well permit for Consol in North Mahoning Township, Indiana County near the Dominion Compressor Station off Rte. 210 on Bloom Road.  I would suggest listing Indiana, Armstrong, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion as counties to receive daily permit notices central PA.   Have you heard anything new for Consol activity from Big Run to Marchand?

Recent permit notices regarding Seneca seem to be for plugging shallow wells.   That`s not good news!

It`s been awhile since any mention of activity in SE Jefferson or Northern Indiana counties.  From DEP efacts, it looks like renewed interest by Consol into Nardell, McKee, Big Run 10 and Marchand well pads.   Anyone have news what their plans are for this area?

Any new news about SE Jefferson County or Northern Indiana County?    What`s Consol up to these days?   Big Run, Marchand.....


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