Have acreage in Henderson Twp for O&G leasing and have been searching for a land owner group to join in Jefferson Co., PA (Henderson Twp) - Are there any out there?  I'm told by PNDR that several have been drilling in the Big Run area.  Can anyone provide some verification?  Appreciate replies from any and all.  Thank you!  J. Thompson

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We have land in Washington Twp and also are interested in a land owner group.  We got a letter from EQT land man.  Not sure what to do.  Guess I will call him and see what he has to say.  "Farmgas," you mentioned a website in your reply to J. Thompson.  It doesn't show the actual name of the website.  Could you give it to me so I can check on the info you were referring to?  Thank you.    Kay Lewis



     I have a land owner group with tracts in Wash & Snyder Twp. , Jefferson County,PA contact me for more info.



I"d be interesting in joining this group.  I have land on both sides of the Washington & Sandy township lines.


The website I mentioned wasn`t transmitted thru this website.   Try googling pennsylvania gas lease  ...

EQT seems to be active with getting well permits in your area.

some of us in southern henderson twp. are leased to exco my lease is out in sept. 2012 and some neighbors in june 2012 we dont have a group. there has been drilling around big run one horiz. thats not fraked yet and one vert. they left like that consol was there. i heard they left for sw pa.

Who left?  EXCO or EQT?  Has EXCO been in contact?  Do you feel they will do anything before your lease is up?



So no one is around now?  What about EXCO? 


seems nothings happening. looks like the big boys are headed to the utica until the price of gas goes up

Yeah, I believe EXCO is heading North.  Our lease with them is not up for a while... wonder if they will be back???  No pipelines either.  I would appreciate knowing if they try to re-lease with you.  Message me through here, if you would.   Good Luck.


Blaine, you said your lease with EXCO is up in September.  Has anything happened with them lately?  Did they try to re-lease?

Who knows whether Consol completed just one well or all 4 as originally planned for the Bowers Well Pad?  When will they frack these wells?   The drilling rig has moved to the Beaver Run Reservoir area in Westmorland County and not to SW Pa and the Utica Play.  Consol seems to be completing the pipelines to the compressor station in Big Run including the water pipeline to the Bowers Well Pad for fracking needs.  What does anyone know about these plans?


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