Today I talked to Chesapeake's Oklahoma office and was told that they dropped our ALOV leases  that were to be renewed April 15, 2016.  Received a non committal answer when I asked when they will issue a release of the lease.  We are proceeding with a letter to Chesapeake, the 45 day waiting period, and then file the release ourselves. If you don't know what is going on with your lease with Chesapeake call them at 877-245-1427.  I spoke to an Adam Jamison.   

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Thanks. My attorney told me Chesapeake has not been renewing. My lease expired on the 15 also. I was told that the lawyer could request release or I could send a letter myself to Chesapeake requesting release. Do you know where to send the letter?

Hi John - I guess you have an ALOV lease.  If you do their address is in the lease for contact information.  What you should include in the letter is also in the body of the contract.    If you do not have ALOV lease just tell them that they have not payed to extend the lease for whatever period, no wells are on the property, and the property has not been unitized" they are in default per the contract.  They have 45 days to respond to your letter and if they do not you can file your own document at the courthouse. The recorder is supposed to then put a notation on the original lease filing saying that it is cancelled. You also need to look at Ohio Revised Code 5301.332 for information.  Just research by putting  ORC 5301.332 in Google.   Anyway the address to send the letter to is:    Chesapeake Exploration L.L.C

                                                       6100 N. Western Ave

                                                      Oklahoma City, OK 73118

                                ATTN:  Chesapeake Land Department Utica District,Eastern Division

Also, per the contract Chesapeake is to release the lease within 30 days after cancelling But I expect they will not.  Better to go with the letter because you can be 30 days down the road with nothing happening.  At least you have the 45 days starting to run with the letter.          .



Thanks. I'm not familiar with that acronym so I would assume, no I'm not part of an ALOV lease.

It is the Associated Landowners of The Ohio Valley (ALOV) wherein landowners got together and dealt with oil and gas. It has since disbanded but was mainly out of the Salem, Ohio area

I recommend you send your correspondence to Chesapeake certified. Keep copies of everything.

You are correct Robin.  Send registered or certified and make sure you receive notice of delivery.  That is the day the 45 days begins

My neighbor came by yesterday and asked me to look into finding a lawyer that would offer to do a Release for a large number of landowners. Advertise, so those whose leases have expired would know they need to work towards a Release as soon as possible. This would allow them to lease again with a Group in the future rather than have their leases sold illegally when a buyer is located.

I'll be looking for a Williams Lease with no Arbitration Clause, leasing to an Ethical company, if one can be found.

I'm fine with doing my own work but some folks don't have the time or don't think they can write a letter and follow the law as written.

Do nothing, and you can complain later on this website about having your lease Flipped illegally. Like the state when I informed EVERYONE that we are being stolen from, I'll tell you, "That's Not My Problem".

Our letter should go out Monday. Maybe I have somebody for you to go to but have to talk to her.  Chesapeake is buying time and we should not give it to them.  


     You're right about the buying time. 

When CHK can get a good price for the leases they are holding legally and illegally, they will coach the new buyer on how profitable Ohio is and how those in charge are playing blind to the theft, the new buyers will come in ready to continue the theft.

A WV leased individual told me the new company that holds his lease is conducting the same theft CHK was using. 

The evidence will only pile up as the Complaints/lawsuits against CHK are investigated.

PA judges didn't drop the RICO charges against CHK when Doug asked them to, and with the evidence I have in the Hope Christian Fellowship vs Chesapeake Complaint provided by Chesapeake, I doubt a judge in Ohio would drop the RICO charges either.

Violation of the Theft By Deception law leading to the Pattern Of Corruption Law couldn't be clearer.

Notice that the O&G news is going Natural Gas Liquids crazy since oil has tanked. All of those Money Making NGLs have and are being stolen. NO ONE HAS RECIEVED A ROYALTY TO DATE! That fact is in the evidence from Chesapeake.

I wouldn't want to be the gov or atty gnl of Ohio. I see them both in a House which isn't White. The Big House.


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