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Is there activity on the pad site?
Have not had time to drive by and check it out yet.

Is this a CHK horizontal permit?

Best Guess with more than a little help


Probably where the Huron money went

Permit hearing

Stakeholders and concerned residents at the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas Resources met for a permit hearing that could grant Horizontal Technology Energy Company of Pennsylvania a permit to begin operations as the first deep-well operation of its kind in Kentucky in Johnson County.

Drilling operations for natural gas, specifically Deep Horizontal Well #572360, would tap into the Rogersville Shale that is part of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

Attorney Kevin West testified with company representative George Heflin (EQT Regional Land Manager) on the information pertaining to the well’s application. Heflin testified the target formation depth is 11,200 feet and the permit application is for a vertical depth of 15,000 feet.

Heflin’s attorney requested that anyone wishing to cross-examine his client establish themselves as an interested party. Hearing officer Gordon Slone objected the motion, but Slone said anyone in the public could only question Heflin based on his testimony for the permit. Pekny was joined by a frustrated Lexington resident, Schatzie Dudee, who asked if Heflin’s parent company, EQT, had pending legal cases and about pollution concerns.

Given the nature of the questions, Slone didn’t allow them to be asked in the hearing and said he would make his recommended order to the Commissioner Steve Hohmann of the Department for Natural Resources and Horizontal Technology in a matter of weeks, not months, for the permit.


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