The first wells ever drilled by Artex in Knox County on the 30 sq mi 3D seismic shoot.

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No drilling yet. Still pickin corn.
Gotta watch drilling next to the Harstine core.

Wow, production casing cemented all the way down to 4,250'.  That's gonna be an expensive well.

A lot has happened out there in the past few years and a lot of data now. Dexter, maybe they can run a line to the swiw to help defer the cost of the cement.

It has certainly been a roller coaster here.

Dexters advice to Artex lease holders:

n July 23, 2014 at 11:11pm
"I've seen this seismic contract/option to lease. Artex isn't stupid. They're not going to pay for a lease if the seismic shows a property isn't promising. They also want to get the data and then avoid going through negotiations because, as is obvious, if they shoot seismic then try to lease you it means they found something and the landowner has immediate leverage. They're looking to avoid that entirely. They're also trying to keep any competition far, far away, by getting people locked down before word of good seismic data can spread. It's a really good strategy for them. Not so much for the landowner. I'd tell them they can shoot all the seismic they want but the lease has to be a separate negotiation. That way you get a lease only if your land shows what they are hoping it shows, which is exactly where you'd be if you signed the seismic/lease option, only in this scenario you have a little bargaining power."

I know one of the landowners with a permitted Artex well. He has a Clinton well but his lease only covered from the surface to the base of the Clinton. Knox had to come to him in August 2014(after the shoot) and lease from the Clinton down. I hope he got PAID!!!! Thanks Dexter, hopefully other will follow your advice. Too late for me..... they got me from the surface to China. Btw, he also separated his Utica/Pp in August 2014. I guess you do that when you have a permitted Utica/Pp bordering your property.

If I drilled a well with an IP of 20 MCF I'd be ashamed of it too.

Explain further upstream.

Rig Up on Devore rd.

Just drove by earlier BlueJack. I'm here for a week. I would like to meet you.
I think it's the Artex/Knox well off Evans Road.


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