Per Devon Energy...they hit gas and gas liquids! Abandoned the well because they ONLY want oil. See article from Mt Vernon News...

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that news has been the common consensus of the local drillers. Deven have also commented there is alot of oil there to. the frack formula will have to be perfected before they return.also heard Deven may be either getting bought out or they were poking holes for another company. this is just a bunch of old drillers who hear alot of gossip.
Is Devon still leasing in the area for $500 per acre??
It's strange that Devon said the Ashland cnty well was disappointing and they were going to focus on the natural gas and wet gas areas of the play and then report they found natural gas and wet gas in the Knox county well and are now disappointed with that and are looking only for oil.

I'm just curious, who's going to deliver the bad news to the folks in Harrison & Belmont counties they only have wet and dry gas. I'm a pilgrim but it don't make any sense to me. (capping a multi-million dollar well & that's good news?)


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