So far this year, 22 permits applied for or approved (all EXCO). Anyone know details on the wells?

As a landowner in Lackawanna (among other places) I kept hearing negative things about possible faults that might stop gas co.s from leasing/drilling here. Clearly Exco does not subscribe to that rumor. Since we are not far from their current well sites I am dying to find out how drilling goes. If you know anything please post it!

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Not much to report as of yet. EXCO is building pads and preparing sites. Chesapeake is leasing in the area this year as well. My understanding is the hesitation there is related to the seam of anthracite coal that runs to the east.
Thanks, Rita.
I have been hearing about possible drilling problems due to possible faults around the area for a while, yet suddenly it seems to be less of an issue. For many companies.

It will be interesting to see what EXCO comes up with on these wells. Could change things substantially for the area.
I was out and about yesterday, getting photos where I could. Here are a few of the EXCO Skyline Golf Course wells in Lackawanna County and the Chesapeake Skoronski wells in Northmoreland, Wyoming County.


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