Another year is upon us and we are all starving for information pertaining to the "gas biz" in our county.

Hilcorp appears to be poised for an extremely busy year.

Shell seems to be dragging it's feet for some reason , even though the Cracker appears likely to become a reality.

Hopefully more infrastructure projects will become known as the year unfolds.

Please share any news with us you may uncover over the course of the year.

Good luck to us all and may 2014 be the year that puts us on the map!

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A very close friend said that there were guys down near Arthur street North Beaver Township (off of the top of Mt Jackson hill, just below the 376 entrance) measuring and checking where their wells are. They said there is going to be a well going in up by Nicholson's office on a nearby farm. Not sure what company. They talked with my friends mom but I believe that they are not signed with anyone so she didn't have much interest or questions for the guys. They did say that they will be testing their water before and after drilling. So that is my info that I guys that know how to look into the courthouse records.
Hi trapper. Do u know how many acre's are in the patterson well unit? Thanks rich
Sorry Rich but I do not know. Have heard 280$/acre royalty though. (Per month)

 Sure wish activity would ramp up in Lawrence Co., Scott Township. I'm half way into a small 5-yr lease with Shell and slowing losing hope for drilling. Any comments Trapper or Rich? Thanks! Jon

Hi Jon. Don't give up hope. there is a lot of transmission lines going in, right now from pa towards Ohio to the hilcorp plant in new Middletown. From my understanding shell an hilcorp have several new permits for lawerence co.for new wells it's just a matter of time. There is a lot of activity at the patterson well in little beaver twp. Close to rt 168. They have 7 wells on that pad right now which is great news for everyone.i have don work at several well pads in butler co. With 4 to 8 wells on them an they are doing great!

Thanks for the encouragement Rich. I see there is still activity at the Patterson pad. Looked like a couple treaters set up and a couple large tanks. They were reported to be drilling down to the Loysburg Black River formation. Maybe the hit some oil and ngl's there?

They sure are intent on exploring this pad , but are thus far doing nothing in their other holdings in the area that I know of.

Thanks Rich. Much appreciated!

According to the info listed on the Patterson well plats Shell has indicated the Marcellus to be 114', the Utica is 304', the Trenton is 150' and the Black River is 400'..Looks like some really good numbers!!!


Im a rookie on here, could you explain why those numbers are really good?

Potentially they could hold more. Hopefully, in this case, "bigger is better".. 

Thanks for that info. Chris do u know anything about the Gephart well nw of patterson well?

Shell has posted the plats . I'll see if I can figure out how to post them if it will help you, or was there something in particular you were looking for???


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